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About Bill's Outdoor Adventures...

During the past 26 years I have served as Vice President of Marketing and Co-Host of several top-rated outdoor television shows on the Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit Channel.  Believe me when I tell you we have been with some of North America’s very best outfitters. Throughout this time, one of my responsibilities was to book and schedule the hunts or fishing adventures for our television programs.

I am not here to blow you away with world record pictures…more so to offer the reality of guided hunts, how they work and what really to expect. Simply put…I want to send you where I would go myself!

Bill’s Outdoor Adventures is a Reflection of over 40 Years of Fishing and Hunting with Outfitters in North America...

I work hard to provide an unbiased point of view when selecting a hunt for any of my clients. Although there are never any guarantees with fair chase hunting, I ask the right questions as well as I do the necessary in depth research too provide my clients with the best opportunities for success within the outdoor world.

Most importantly, I select the hunts according to my hunters’ abilities. If you can’t climb mountains, than we need to find you a hunt that fits your physical abilities. This isn’t about trying to be mountain men; it’s about enjoying your trip and having a great opportunity to become successful in harvesting your intended game.

In reality its simple…Give me a call and I will personally discuss any of your outdoor adventures…

Thank you,


Keep track of us as we are busy adding several new fishing and hunting opportunities during this spring,  fall and winter. 

If you do not see a hunt that you are looking for…give me a call, it may be available but just not entered into our system as yet.

The Advantages of using a Reputable Booking Agency…

Our booking service is Free of Charge…Our clients' pay the same price for their trips whether you book from us or directly from the outfitter.

In almost all cases, fishing and hunting outfitters believe that their operations are the best at what they do…just ask them. But in reality, regardless of how good or poor their service is to the client, fish and game densities peak and valley throughout the years within all regions of North America.

At Bill’s Outdoor Adventures, we diligently research each specific game region before we make our yearly evaluation to make sure that what we are representing isn’t just “Old News” and “You should have been here last year stories.”

We have chosen only a few time tested outfitters who truly manage their game populations providing a balanced harvest and consistently great hunting opportunities. This process ensures our clients the best choice and the greatest opportunity of having a successful fishing or hunting experience.

For you convenience, we can arrange your outdoor adventure for you by telephone or email…The bottom line is that we do the research and we work for you! We are easy to get a hold of...advantage you!

At Bill’s Outdoor Adventures we have simplified the process of turning your outdoor adventure dreams into reality and most of all… great memories.

Contact us at:
Bill Rivas
Bill’s Outdoor Adventures
1713 SE 127th Ave
Vancouver, Washington 98683
Email: bill@billrivasgroup.com

*All hunt prices and availability are subject to change.