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Alaska Fly In Remote Hunting Camps


Our highly recommended outfitters run very successful hunt operations that consistently produce high quality animals and they concentrate only on Trophy Moose and Brown Bears.

Alaska Hunt #1

We are in a two Brown Bear area so if you’re into Brown Bear hunting this is your place. Our Moose are as big as anywhere in Alaska.

Huge Moose and Big Brown Bears (2-Bear area) is all this outfitter hunts in Alaska. The Moose get up to 70 inches wide (62” Average) and Bears up to 10 feet square (8’1/2” - 9’ Average). This is truly a hunting adventure that every hunter should experience. We have high success rates on both species of trophy quality. Limited hunters in camp ensure that personal attention to your hunt is first priority.

This is one of the hardest working outfitters we know of and an excellent hunt opportunity to take home the trophy of a lifetime. Don’t let the price fool you, most outfitters charge additionally (Or you have to make arrangements on your own) for air charters to and from camp. Two friends get two Moose and it will take several air trips to get everything back to your take off destination. Our outfitter makes this expensive charge included in the hunt cost…I checked and he did not add it into the price.

The hunt takes place outside of Dillingham, Alaska on the Nushagak River for quality Brown Bears and in the Wood-Tikchik State Park for incredible Moose. Hunts are 10-14 days in the field and the hunt cost Include Charter Flights in and out of the camp. Our contracted air charter flight staff will pick you up in Dillingham and transport you and your gear to the camp / hunt area. The camp is a comfortable dry camp, portable shower with waterproof Kodiak Canvas Tents and good home style cooking in a separate dining area. The camp is located within the hunt area which will allow us to keep you in the field longer. We hunt on foot and by Jet Boat.

Alaska Hunt Packages

  11 - Day Moose Hunt - $18,500
  11 - Day Brown Bear Hunt - $15,500
  16 - Day Hunt Combo Brown Bear / Moose hunt - $30,000


Additional Animals -

If you tag out early or see another trophy on your hunt then you can harvest that animal for the following price...Alaska hunting regulations allow hunters to tag an animal while in possession of a different species tag if the tag is more or equal to in price than the intended animal to be harvested.


Trophy Fee Payment is based upon only if you harvest.  Alaska hunting tag for additional animal is required and is available to purchase from outfitter.

Contact us and we will show you how easy it is to plan the details of your Alaska hunting adventure.


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*All hunt prices and availability are subject to change.